Live Stream of Convention Services

Services at the National Association of Free Will Baptists meeting in Oklahoma City, July 18-21, will be streamed live at on this website, at the official site of the National Association of Free Will Baptists, FWB International Missions, and various other state and local Free Will Baptist websites. Services will begin Sunday morning, July 18, with Sunday School at 10:00 a.m. CST, followed by Morning Worship at 11:00.  Evening services begin at 7:00 Sunday through Wednesday night.

In addition, International Missions will stream special events on  On Monday afternoon, July 19, at 3:00 p.m., the Mission will host 75 Years of Faithfulness, honoring our overseas workers who have served in global evangelism efforts.  Tuesday morning, July 20, at 10:00 a.m., World Celebration 2010 will take place, recognizing our international guests.

The live feed from the convention services may also be syndicated on your church or associational website at no cost to you. If you are a webmaster with ftp access to your website, you may download the code and video player here. Because streaming is handled by an external server, viewing the feed on your website will not overload the bandwidth on your website.


  1. Bobby and Jane Jackson says:

    This is great. Thanks for making it available for those of us who cannot be there. The reception was very good, the voices came though clearly and tonight’s sermon was exceptional. Sorry we missed this morning’s sermon and hope we can hear it later on.

  2. Keith Fletcher says:

    Bobby & Jane,

    We’re so glad you were able to watch the service. You’ve been such a big part of our denomination’s history. I know you’re were always here in spirit, and now that I know you’re watching too, the blessing is mutual.

    Keith Fletcher

  3. Jason Taylor says:

    Hey Keith,
    Is there any chance of getting the business sessions streamed on here?


  4. Keith Fletcher says:

    That’s being discussed. We’re monitoring the cost of doing only the services this year. The price depends on the amount of data transfered so the bottom line is affected by both time online and number of viewers. Next year, we hope to expand coverage to include other key events, possibly the business sessions too.

  5. Alton Loveless says:

    Will the sermons, etc. be archived so one can download for viewings after the conventions.

  6. Keith Fletcher says:

    Not this year, Dr. Loveless. We’re looking into the possibility of doing that next year.

  7. Shannon Little says:

    Just wanted to say a big Thank You for the streaming video! It was great to be able to be a part of the National services even though I couldn’t be there in person! Because of the time difference between OKC and Japan (about 14 hours ahead of CDST) and my class schedule I wasn’t able to watch all of the services but what I was able to watch was a huge encouragement. Is there someone I could contact to purchase DVDs of the services? Thanks again for all the hard work that went into making the streaming events and the whole media part of the National such a huge success!

  8. Steve Hughes says:

    Planning on showing it at our church each night. Will be looking for other broadcasts if available.

  9. Jared Wood says:

    Is there a way that us FWB in California can somehow pull the live stream and put it to a disc? i have the technology to do so I am merely curiuos as to legality I dont want to infringe on anything I would love to live stream here but we would have to service at 4 instead of 6 to be able to view. thanks again I caught a blip from this morning and it was phenominal y’all are doing a wonderful job.

  10. Bobby Bowers says:

    Hope you have a great meeting,would like to be there, maybe next year.

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