Watch the Convention Here!

If you have a iOs mobile device (iPhone, iPad), please use this link.

Have an Android device or need to view full screen on a computer? Use this link.

If you are using Internet Explorer or Chrome as your browser and can’t go to full screen, please go to this page.


  1. Travis Stewart says:

    Can I watch the events after it happens, or do I have to watch them live?

  2. FWBMissionary says:

    How about streaming the business sessions? Is this possible?

  3. Keith Fletcher says:

    Not yet, but we’re working on that.

  4. Keith Fletcher says:

    It’s very possible, but we’ve not been given permission to do so.

  5. Lynn says:

    We have three daughters there and were unable to stay for the awards ceremony. They really need to stream those too! We know there are plenty of parents and grandparents who would love to watch.

  6. Mike Gillock says:

    Thanks for streaming. We were able to watch a few of the services. Thanks so much!

  7. Josh Hunt says:

    What about streaming the Youth Award Ceremony? Has anyone thought about that?

  8. Keith Fletcher says:

    Yes, we’ve had several requests for that and hope to expand our capabilities to do that by next year.

  9. Keith Fletcher says:

    NYC would love for us to do that, but we have some technical issues to work out. We’ll do our best to provide that service next year.

  10. Kay Newell says:

    Really enjoyed watching the night services this year. Do hope you all can add more day events next year and the Youth Awards ceremony. Good work!!

  11. Albert E leonard says:

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  13. Alton Loveless says:

    I was able to watch the evening services at the hospital on my IPad as I cared for my wife. We were planning on being at the convention but was unable to come at the last minutes. Thanks for all you guys do. Love you. Alton

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