Show the Live Feed of National on Your Web Site?

If you are a local church or association webmaster and would like to syndicate the live feed of the National Convention services on your website, please contact the webmaster here at You may download the necessary code here, but please let the webmaster know if you have embedded the feed into your site. We will inform you of any updates or last-minute technical announcements.


  1. Jason Luthy says:

    Ambassador – Cincinnati, Ohio.
    Going to try to put up on our website.

  2. Brenda Webb says:

    I left you a phone message that you can ignore. I did get the live feed to work. Thank you very much for providing this service to us.

  3. Keith Fletcher says:

    I’m so glad you got it to work. I couldn’t pick up your call last night because the service had already started and I was in the auditorium. Monte was minding the stream behind stage. Next year, we’ll try to publish a help line number to call if folks have problems.

  4. Matthew G says:

    I wish I had realized this possibility existed. I would have put it up on our site. You might see if you can contact our churches and let them know they can do this. I bet there would be a lot more who would.

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